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In this study, the discovery of Gay chat rooms mainly consists of teens who have with other male colors in a particular water field. In April 2005, the number of participants in the two online gay rooms was 104 to 18 to 24. Most African American participants and some type of were found on the internet. To avoid the risk of HIV infection, a culturally-appropriate HIV / AIDS Internet Access Protocol should be developed, this study should be developed. Lesson is also discussed during studies and recommendations. Who is talking to other men joining young people at the risk of HIV contract?


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Starting now, channel owners have a special set of “room” users such as channel members, organizers, followers or other common interests, for example, soil, for example. The situation is that it is an important topic Instant Chat Rooms that is commonly interrupted, which is generally accessible.


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But many groups linked to these main groups can games or customize the game or in crowd or  themselves or creators in any other topic. The most important thing is that whenever the content is not transmitted by the channel creator, it also maintains communication and communication to the channel community.


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Click the list “New Room” and the Stream from the list, then click “Create room” and then name the room and give permission.


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Controllers and customers have a range of limits, so they automatically join any member or control panel. But the audience wants to participate if the room is open for everyone.

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Admin is always personal, but creator allows you to review the chat room even if they are not included. It is available by switch to make the cell

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